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Event Date  -  October 28-29, 2023

  Entry deadline - 15th September, 2023.   


Please read the following guidelines on registration and program rules before registering for the event:

  1. The decision of the NKK Cultural Committee shall be final in all matters.
  2. Anything that can be perceived as being offensive to any national and/or religious sentiments,
    gender, caste, race etc. is strictly prohibited.
  3. No offensive, vulgar or obscene language or dance performance allowed.
  4. Each participant is allowed to participate up to 2 performances during the event. All
    participants must be current NKK Member & paid the event fees OR must be Donors.
  5. Program Directors can direct more than one program.
  6. Teams may use props as and when necessary, but use of flammable objects, discharge act of
    firearms, paint or color powder or any item that poses a possibility of danger to the audience or
    surroundings is strictly prohibited. Any liquor, bottles, any narcotics, drugs, cigarettes or
    additives or any sort is strictly prohibited during the performance on stage.
  7. All props used by the teams must be cleared from the stage immediately after the performance.
  8. All teams should come for Audition. Dates for auditions will be announced later. We prefer to have full dress rehearsal & please expect to receive any feedback/changes that could be required. The
    costumes should be decent. All teams, in addition to Audio, should also upload the video of the
    actual performance (also with, if you are wearing a costume during the performance) before 1st
    October 2023.
    After final review we will freeze all the changes by 15th October 2023.
  9. The deadline for submitting your registration is 15th September 2023.
  10. All programs must be in Kannada language. The program directors should take care to avoid
    remixes with lyrics/dialogues in other languages in the content.
  11. No repetition of songs / Performance is allowed. Team registering first gets priority over others.
  12. All Participants are expected to represent Our rich cultural heritage & all programs should be
    good taste. There is incredible opportunity for cultural expression and infusion of innovative ideas.
  13. Each team must consist of 5 people. Performance must involve Passionate singing & good facial
  14. At the time of registration, the team needs to identify the song/s & team names, participants &
    program director.

Group Song

  1. Team can use background music (Karaoke)
  2. Time limit is 5 to 7 minutes

Group Dance

  1. Time limit is 5 to 7 minutes.


Nrithya Roopaka / Laghu Sangeetha / Comedy Drama / Skit

  1. 5 minutes stage setup time can be provided.
  2. Each team must consist of 5 people. Performance must involve Passionate dialogue delivery,
    singing, acting & good facial expression.
  3. Team can also use background music (Karaoke) or pre-recorded content.
  4. Time limit is 12 to 15 minutes

We will try our best but no guarantees to provide sufficient gap between programs during sequencing. Please be responsible & mindful of the time in between your performances.


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