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Thank you for showing interest in Sankranthi Sambhrama 2019 event. Registration window for 'GAME and Super Minute event' is now closed as communicated in the earlier email.

Please read the following guidelines on registration and game rules:


  1. Participants can pick Super minute and/or only one of the other games (carrom, chess, and chowka-baara)

  2. No event day signup is allowed, only online registrations

  3. Last date for game registration will be Saturday, 26th January 2019

  4. In case of insufficient responses to conduct game(s), we will cancel that particular game

  5. All performers and attendees for the event are required have paid membership dues to NKK for the current year

  6. On-the-spot entries and registration by any other mode will not be entertained

  7. Game specific rules and terms will be explained to the participants on the game day

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