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Journey of Nrupathunga Kannada Koota

Nrupatunga Kannada Koota (NKK) is a non-profit organization, registered under sec. 501c(3), in the state of Georgia. 

NKK is a community that nourishes the feeling of ’home away from home’ for tens of hundreds of compatriots who have resided in the greater Atlanta region since many decades. 

Our mission is to preserve and promote Kannada language and culture, by homogeneously working in the Atlanta region through Kannada speaking population [known as kannadigas] of the USA.

(We belong to a developed southern state in India known as Karnataka, with a population in excess of 65 Million)


Until recently, about 45 years ago, Atlanta did not have a significant presence and population of kannadigas around the region. In the due course of time, globalization and immigration exchanges expanded - paving way to many kannadigas to arrive and live in the Atlanta area on work/ business and professional education programs. Today, kannadigas are prominent achievers and contributors to the great American society in the field of science, arts, administration and education.


Thus begun, the formative years for the kannadigas in this area to establish and develop and Kannada community (Kannada sangha).



However it was in 1973, that Dr. H. N Ramaswamy was encouraged by fellow kannadigas in Michigan to establish a Kannada community in Atlanta. On the auspicious day of Indian new year - Ugadi of 1973, Nrupatunga Kannada Koota was formally founded and institutionalized. 


Initially, NKK and its activities were confined to mostly celebrating Indian festivals. Slowly, with increasing participatoin and support NKK began to develop as a well organized and focused community. Today, this is an organization setup within the reach of 1200+ kannadiga families in the greater Atlanta region.


This year NKK celebrates its 45th year anniversary - NKK has grown beyond a cultural organization and is active in social and community development programs. All this is being worked on and achieved while staying as an organization not for profit. We strive to the betterment of the community and people of this region and wish to grow as a model for such organizations.

Our journey

  • Established in the year 1973

  • celebrated 45 years in 2018

  • a non-profit organization under 501 c (3)


  • 8 member board of Directors

  • 8 member Executive committee

  • General body of paid members

  • Regulated and follows bylaws

Annual activities

  • Major cultural events  (Sankranthi, Ugadi & Deepavali/Rajyotsava)

  • Vanabhojana

  • Other activities including Fund raising

Public relations

  • Indian consulate/ embassy

  • Indo-American Cultural Association (IACA)

  • Indian Friends on Atlanta (IFA) etc.

Our leadership and History (since inception)

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