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Please read the following guidelines on registration and program rules:

  1. Participants should register only by submitting the form in Event Registration with all complete details. Additional Participants can use Feedback field.

  2. Registration will be on a first come -first serve basis

  3. Registered participants are allowed one song per entry; to ensure that we allow all participants to get a fair chance and also finish the event on time

  4. Participants should provide the karaoke track they plan to perform along with the registration

  5. In case of repetitions, first registration will be honored - subsequent entry will be asked to perform for another song/ track

  6. Last date for registration will be Sunday, 12th January 2020

  7. All performers and attendees for the event are required have paid membership dues to NKK for the current year

  8. On-the-spot entries and registration by any other mode will not be entertained

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