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Virtual Event 2023 - Talent Show Registration

  • Deadline for Registration: Dec 1st 2023 at 10:00 PM EST (Event registration closed)

  • Deadline for uploading videos:  No later than Dec 3rd 2023 at 10:00 PM EST ( All audio/ video or files needed for your performance should be uploaded to the site using this registration form or emailed to )

  • Registration will be on a first come -first serve basis. You will see a confirmation message on the website after successful submission

  • Only Group Performances can be registered



Please read the following guidelines on registration and program rules before registering for the event:

  1. This will be a virtual event. Virtual meeting details will be provided well in advance. All pre-recorded programs will be telecasted to overcome any technical and network challenges

  2. Please fill the complete and accurate information while registering your program. Participants should register only by submitting the below form with all complete details; no other mode of registration is entertained

  3. Group and individual performances are allowed. Preference would be given to group performances to accommodate more number of member performances

  4. There are no restrictions on the maximum number of participants in a group performance 

  5. All song names and skit details should be provided at the time of registration. This is to ensure that there is no duplication of songs and each gets a unique performance.

  6. No repetition of songs/audio tracks will be allowed for dance or singing performances. In case of repetitions, first submitted registration will be honored - subsequent entry/ entries will be asked to perform for another song/ track

  7. Each participant will receive participation certificate and an eGift card

  8. We strongly encourage to renew membership and support NKK

  9. Maximum Duration of Performances:

  • Song, Dance: up to 6 Mins

  • Other Talent Show: up to 5 Mins

  • Skits: up to 15 Mins

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