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Event registration timelines have ended as of 19th October 2019


Please read the following guidelines on registration and program rules before registering for the event:

  1. Please fill the complete and accurate information while registering your program.

  2. Participants should register only by submitting the below form with all complete details; no other mode of registration is entertained

  3. Please register your program before the last date mentioned in the email. Late entries are not allowed

  4. Registration will be on a first come -first serve basis

  5. Registered participants are allowed one song/dance/drama/script; to ensure that we allow all participants to get a fair chance and also finish the event on time

  6. Individual performances are not entertained. Only group performances are allowed - Minimum number of participants in a group should be 6, and will have to be on stage.

  7. All audio/ video or files needed for your performance should be emailed to 

  8. No repetition of songs/ audio tracks will be allowed. In case of repetitions, first submitted registration will be honored - subsequent entry/ entries will be asked to perform for another song/ track

  9. Last date for registration will be Saturday, 19th October 2019

  10. All performers for the registered event will be required to have paid membership dues to NKK for the current year 2019

  11. All attendees and audience will be required to have paid annual membership dues OR should pay the designated event fees to attend the event

  12. All Participants (in case of the children - their parents) must be paid members for the current year. It is choreographer's responsibility to verify membership

  13. Skits - Due to limited time duration, ONLY 1 SKIT registration is available, on a first come first served basis. Time limit for skit is 20 minutes or less.

  14. Audio File (in MP3 format only) must be uploaded by October 20th 2019, before the event and must be named in the format: 'DirectorName-ProgramName.extension'

  15. Please submit your entry only once - You will see a confirmation message on the website after successful submission

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